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Guy Gives His Thoughts On Donald Trump's Press Conference!

Michael K. Williams Asks Himself "Am I Being Typecast?"

Adele Feels Beyonce Should Have Won The Grammy For Album of The Year!

Cee Lo Green Arrives At The 2017 Grammys Wearing A Metallic Gold Outfit!

Gave 0 F*cks: Comedian Jim Jefferies Goes Off On Piers Morgan For Defending Donald Trump!

Nailed It: Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer On SNL!

Nap Time: Boxers Getting Hit So Hard It Puts Them Right To Sleep!

High School Sophomore "Lamelo Ball" Scores 92 Points In A Game!

Jon Stewart Reads Donald Trump's Next Batch Of Executive Orders!

"Donkey Of The Day" To A Family Of Syrians Deported From Philadelphia Who Voted For Donald Trump!

Australian Journalist Runs Through A List Of Everything Donald Trump Did His First Week In Office!

Clowning: Odell Beckham Gives Not One F*ck About A Huddle!

Donald Glover, Chance the Rapper, Usain Bolt and Other Celebrities Thank President Obama!

High Schooler Isaiah Banks Shatters The Backboard With A Vicious Dunk!


Faded: Girl Wilds After Leaving The Dentist! (Full Video)

Kountry Wayne - When your barber go up on his price!

Kountry Wayne-Wayne Colley-When helping your homie get out of jail goes wrong!

FEMI KUTI: Africans need to Appreciate the Slave Trade & Colonialism

Why America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore

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